A Chinese aircraft manufacturer has been certified to mass produce the countrys home-grown regional jetliner ARJ21-700.中国一家飞机生产商此前获选大批量生产在我国自产自销的喷气式样支线客机ARJ21-700的许可证书。The Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC) said it obtained the production license from the Civil Aviation Administration of China.中国商用飞机有限责任公司企业答复,该企业早就获得了中国中国民航总局授于的ARJ21-700飞机生产许可。

The company plans to deliver five ARJ21-700 jetliners by the end of this year.中国商飞方案在今年底前交由5架ARJ21-700喷气式客机。COMAC has received orders for 413 ARJ21-700 from 19 clients.该企业已获得19家顾客累计413架ARJ21-700飞机的订单信息。Its first ARJ21-700 aircraft, with 90 economy seats, was delivered to Chengdu Airlines in late 2015. It has so far transported about 15,000 passengers, the company said.据中国商飞解读,该企业首架ARJ21-700飞机(设90个经济仓坐位)于二零一五年年末交由成都航空,迄今已累计载人大概1.五万人数。


China has in recent years sped up efforts to build its commercial aircraft. Besides ARJ21-700, COMAC has also made much larger jet C919, a narrow-body jumbo designed to rival Airbus updated A320 and Boeings new generation B737.近些年,中国缓解了建造商用飞机的期待。除开ARJ21-700以外,中国商飞还生产制造了更高的C919民航客机,它是一款较宽体客机,目地与空客飞机A320和空客新一代B737市场竞争。It has also set up a joint venture with a Russian state company to build wide-body passenger jets.除此之外,该企业还与一家乌克兰国企建立了中外合资企业,以建造公务机民航客机。



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